Tibet also known as "roof of the world" - lies at a majestic height of 4,900m to the north-east of the Himalayas and towers high above the rest of Asia. Tibet is high plateau of southwestern China and throughout sections of the Himalayas.Tibet is one of the places you have to visit once in a lifetime. After centuries of virtual isolation Tibet is cautiously opening up to the western world. It is one of the most interesting & cultural regions of the world and without a doubt one of the most remarkable places to visit in Asia. This is the land of the ancient Buddhist culture, srrounded by grand mountains, century old caravan trails cross the mysterious landscape through hidden valleys to exotic cities.Tibet offers you a spiritual journey to highlight your lifetime. The mountain terrain of the plateau presents the ultimate challenge for climbers, trekkers and adventures. In a nutshell, Tibet is a ultimate for the thrill-seekers.

Tibet has become a dream destination for many travelers and adventures lovers from all over the world because of it’s isolated from the most of the world until the early 20th century. It encompasses over 1500 lakes, vast  plateaus, great river valleys and some of the most inspiring mountains in the world. Buddhism was introduced here 1300 years ago by Guru Rinpoche, who is revered in Tibet almost as much as the historical Buddha, and has involved into a unique from called Lamaism or Varjayana Buddhism. It is better known quite simply as Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan history, culture and religion are intermingled within every aspect of social life. Tibetan religious arts have a distinctive style influenced by both Indian and Chinese Buddhist forms thus creating a pearl of Asian Buddhist art.All this combines to offer you a unique experience.


VISA and Entry Procedure:
The Chinese government prohibits individual traveller to visit Tibet. The Chinese embassy will only issue visas to travellers on group tours i.e if there is a single tourist or a tourist group of less then 5 persons then they will have to join a group in order to get a visa. This visa must be obtained at Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu.Please be informed that the group visa is the only kind of visa that allows you to enter Tibet.

In order to get Chinese Visa, you need to provide copy of your passport at least 20 days prior to the commencement of your trip, followed by your actual passport five days before the visa issue date. If you are entering via mainland China then you are required to obtain Chinese visa from you home country. Also, the Tibet visa regulation keeps changing, you can always conatct us for latest Tibet visa regulations/information.


Climate, Clothing and Equipment:
Tibet is cold in winter, cool in summer and generally dry, receiving only 450 millimeters or rain or snow. Sunlight is extremely intense. The thin air neither blocks nor holds heat, so sunshine feels warm, shadows are chilly, and temperatures can vary greatly within a day, exceeding 29 degree Celsius (84 f) in desert areas in summer, and plunging below 4 degree Celsius (40 f) the same night. The most pleasant months for tourism are from April to October.

Clothing should be simple and consist of layers which can be added or removed as the temperature varies during the day. A warm windbreaker and stout comfortable shoes are especially recommended. Formal attire such as a necktie or dress is never needed – trousers and sweaters are the style

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Kailash And Mansarovar Yatra

Mount Kailash is regarded as the holy site among Hindus, Jain and Buddhists. According to Hinduism, Lord Shiva – destroyer of ignorance and illusion resides at the summit