Home Stay Treks

Homestay trekking is getting popular among international tourists because it offers diverse range of easy treks to the trekkers with no previous treking experience. The trek involves no difficult climbing or ascents to high altitudes, takes usually no more than a week and is suitable for anyone. However, easy trekking doesn't mean the trek is lifeless and un-interesting rather the lower altitude treks often provide colorful panoramas of beautiful mountain range, mountain villages reachable only by few days walk from the road brim, chances to experience the local life style as well as local meals what local make for them self in their day-to-daylife and many more.

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10 Days
USD 710

Indigeneous People's Trail

This trek is suited for those who want to experience the culture based trekking in Nepal. The trail offers visitors unique and memorable exposure to one of the most culturally and traditionally diverse areas of Nepal. It is a culturally diverse trail that has